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AuVisMDS is a cloud-based KPI dashboard solution that empowers data-driven decisions with real-time access to company performance metrics. With an extensive array of standard data source integrations available ranging from CRMs to Financial platforms and Digital Operations Systems, AuVisMDS Core provides reporting clarity for all departments within a business – from your tactical doers to your executive suite – while allowing everyone to see the true impact of all activities and make data driven strategic decisions to grow revenue.

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The AuVis team works directly with you to understand your current reporting structure and any areas where you may need some additional assistance in reporting on the KPIs that most matter to your business. We then integrate all your digital systems – and bring in any spreadsheets or offline data sources you may use – to create the ultimate reporting dashboard that is tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Additionally, if you manage digital resources for your clients, AuVis can create reporting environments that allow you to quicky and easily show your clients how you’re performing on their behalf.


Whether you’re looking to better understand your customer acquisition process, track the performance and returns of individual activities, or want to view the performance of your entire client base in one place, AuVis can design a solution that presents you with the exact information you need in a format that works best for you.

AuVis solutions can automate your reporting process, bringing insight into previous untracked areas and freeing up time for makign those strategic decisions that help your business – and your clients’ businesses – grow.

Solution Example

The AuVis Team has a lot of history in the Business Services space – here is an example of a solution we have provided!

Proving ROI on Services for Clients

  • Problem: Our Client wanted a way to regularly communicate the performance and ROI of contracted services to their individual clients.
  • Process: Our Client was spending (unbillable) hours pulling individualized reports, often with multiple people involved in the process to make sure all relevant data was collected.
  • Solution: Because AuVis can connect to multiple instances of various systems, we were able to give our Client a one-stop reporting solution that aggregated all individualized client data in one place – in a format that was easy to share with each client to show the true impact of their services.
  • Results: Our Client was able to lower the allocation of unbillable hours and focus their team on providing strategic solutions for their client base. 

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