AuVis Partner Program

Turn a recommendation into a fresh revenue stream.

When it comes to spreading the transformative power of data enlightenment, we believe that working together with like-minded organizations to achieve mutual success is key. That’s why we offer four different partnership options, so you can choose the alliance that will best benefit your business and your customers.

Channel Partner

  • Integrate AuVisMDS Core as an extension of your business
  • Revenue sharing model
  • Participate in the strategic planning

Advisory Partner

  • Ability to offer discounted pricing on AuVisMDS Core to your clients
  • No implementation participation requirements
  • Maintain and retain your client relationships 

Referral Partner

  • Earn commission for successful referrals
  • No ongoing participation requirements

Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting so we can discuss which of our partnership is the best match for your unique business goals!